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The Innovation for Media Content Creation (Innovation MCC) Seminar is an educational initiative aiming creative people in the entertainment industry, which combines Innovation theory and methodology fundamentals with experiences of industry experts.
InnovationMCC is an informative and educational digital and onsite platform composed by events, training and news; created by Marlon Quintero, author and industry expert, who identified the need in students and professionals to learn about innovation and its implementation in order to succeed in the process of content generation for any media platform


March: Masterclass with students of audiovisual arts. Master Class in London South Bank University and Goldsmiths University of London.


January:  Masterclass  Media   Management  Class  @  University  of   Miami

April: Seminar  at  the  University  of   Miami  attracted  150   attendees. Sponsors  included:

•  Viacom  Studios

•  Fremantle  Media

•  Imagina  US

•  Televisa

•  Twins2Screens

•  Ikea

•  AT&T

•  Non  Stop


March:  Corporate  Workshop  for  HBO  Latin   America  in  Miami,  Florida.

September:  Book  launched  by  J   Ross  Publishing.  Event  took   place  at  Books  and  Books  store   in  Coral  Gables,  Miami.

November: Master  Class  in  UM  for  the   communications  students   enrolled  in  the  Electronic  Video   Produc&on  class  in  Miami,   Florida.

December: Master  Class  in  NYU  sponsored   by  the  Stern-­‐Tisch   Entertainment  Business   Association.  at  the  University’s   Kaufman  Center


Seminar  at  the  University  of  Miami  attracted

250  attendees.

Sponsors  included:

•  E!,

•  A&E,

•  History,

•  Telemundo  Internacional.

•  Upstairs

•  Wikot


Seminar  at  Tecnologico  de  Monterrey  in   Santa  Fe  in Mexico  City

350  People  attended.

Sponsors  included:

•  Discovery,

•  Televisa,

•  E!.

•  Ciudad  de  Mexico    (CDMX)  y  Fondo  Mixto   de  Promocion  Turis&ca  del  Distrito  Federal

•  Cadena  3



Series  of  Master  classes  were  presented  in  San   Francisco  State University

150  people  attended

Initiative  was  also  presented  at:

•  USC  in  Los  Angeles  -­‐  Marshall  School  of   Business

•  Florida  Media  Market  in  Miami

•  At  UM  in  the  Launch  Pad  annual  conference


Launched  educational  initiative  through  series  of   seminars.

First  seminar  on  Innovation  for  content  creation   took  place  in  Caracas,  Venezuela  and  was   sponsored  by

•  Telemundo  Internacional,  

•  Samsung,  

•  Venevision,  

•  Cinemat,  

•  The  Wit,  and  

•  Cisco.  

200  people  attended.

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